A measure of how far we’ve come..

It was around this time last year a group of friends 4 decided to resurrect the Yes Musselburgh. Nothing had happened since the first referendum but we all had a feeling that now is the time to begin again.

We now number over 70 active members. We have our own website, twitter and Facebook pages. We hold regular monthly meetings aimed at raising our profile to a wider audience in Musselburgh and East Lothian. And once a month you can see us on the High Street tending a stall, highlighting facts to share with anyone who stops to engage with us. Quite a year!

The response from the street has gone from “what’s this all about?” to open and frank discussions on independence to ” can I sign up and help”.

We’re not resting on our laurels, there is more we can do, get better at what we do, and the more people we get on board the better we will become.

I look forward to the day we can disband our group having achieved our goal. We are doing this for our future, our children’s future and our grandchildren’s future.

Scotland deserves better and will be served better by the people of Scotland.



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