News, dates and events.

Yes Musselburgh has a mobile phone contact number for anyone wanting to book tickets for future events: 07899 828194

Join us if you can for our St.Andrew’s night celebration. Jacobite songs and stories as provided by “Crochallan”, our own John Greig and Stuart McHardy, with buffet meal and bar. Friday 30th November, 7pm, in the Hollies. Tickets only Five Pounds! Also on display will be an exhibition provided by Stennis Historical Society. Call 07899 828194 to secure a ticket.

A new and well discussed Scottish Constitution by Prof. Mark McNaught is available by copying this link into your browser:

Saturday 14th of November: Demo against Steve Bannon 9am-12noon, Edinburgh Conference Centre.

Monday 26th of November: Our next scheduled monthly meeting, Brunton Hall Esk Room 1, 7-9pm.

Saturday 8th December: Street stall (weather permitting 10am-2pm.

And finally… A finely set up stall as held today by Yes Musselburgh, engaging with the guid folk of Musselburgh.


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