A tide o’ blue by Peter Ritchie.

In October 2018 under a beautiful sky tens of thousands of independence supporters marched the length of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. It was a sight to behold as men and women from all walks of life were united by their belief in something better for this ancient land. I was there too and will never forget it.

A Tide o’ Blue

The Royal Mile thon ancient wey
has seen a thing or twa through time
but hadnae seen sae mony flags
an’ sae mony marchin’ lines

Saltires dancin’ in windswept moves
marked wi oor saint’s white cross
a coloured river o’ the nation’s hopes
an’ the fight tae end oor loss

Ye might ask – weel whit wis lost?
an’ what makes it sic a matter
whit stirs the souls o’ these Scottish folk
forcin’ rulin’ hearts tae clatter

It’s thon ancient richt tae be oorsels
Jock Tamson’s bairns that’s a’
tae feel that bond with the land an’ folk
steered by oor guid Scots law

An’ tae feel that whether we’re richt or wrang
it’s oor place tae make the choice
an’ tak the road oor Rabbie saw
an’ the world tae hear oor voice

Aye oor voice an’ nane ither
fae oor leaders in this guid land
an’ no thon brayin’ hoard o’ fools
the soulless greetin’ band

So come ma friends an gether roond
there’s a beat in auld Scotia’s heart
gie a fraction o’ what the auld yins gave
an’ that’ll be a start

So the lines o’ friends marchin doon the mile
sent a message fae this common band
if ye thought ye’d killed the sense o’ hope
then ye’ve no understood this land

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