February meeting

Yes Musselburgh will be holding their monthly meeting on Monday 25th February, in the Brunton Hall, Esk Room 1. New members welcome. See agenda below..

** From this mornings National **

Scottish WASPI ( women against state pension inequality ) rally for 50s born women against state pension injustice. Mhairi Black MP and Nicola Sturgeon, FM & MSP will be in attendance.
It gathers at 12.30 at Festival Park (Govan Road entrance), nr Pacific Quay, Glasgow and at 1pm proceeds to the Mary Barbour Statue at Govan Cross (about 1.5 miles) where the speakers will be.



Date: 25th February 2019

Venue: Brunton Theatre, Esk room 1

1. Convenors welcome and apologies

2. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising
3. Feedback: Convenor’s report (incl. plans for Indy Ref being called)

Secretary’s report
Treasurer’s report
Social Media Group
Ideas Group
Social Events and Fundraising
Press Release Group
Leaflet Coordinator
Members’ Survey Group
Feedback from Yes Edinburgh and Lothians meeting.

5. Street stall – 9th March – volunteers rota please.

6. Plans for when Indy Ref is called

7. Nominations for Convenor, Secretary & Treasurer for next month’s AGM

8. Discussion re proposal for plaque re EU citizens/ ceremony

9. Update re our plans for distributing the Nationals on 23rd March

10. Any feedback re plans for training for canvassing? (Diarmid?)

11. Any other business/information

12. Agree info for Press release following this meeting

12. Date of next meeting (AGM) – 25th March 2019

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