Scotland – A New Beginning

Scotland – A New Beginning

Us, in oor high day, amazin`,
uncanny ye might richtly say;
the pride o` the nation
in its sons o` invention, genius blessed a`.

Listen up ye carls and lassies
better days are comin` again:
We scattered oor best tae the kintras o` Europe,
tae the wider warld an a`.

Scots commanded the navies o` Russia,
Greece, Chile, Peru;
fought in their wars fur freedom,
were raised up in their halls o` fame.

Then see they lads o` talent and parts:
Davie Hume`s spin tae Rab Adams` art;
Tam Telford`s spans and Pat Geddes`s schules;
wae a` the rest o` doctors, discoverers,
fechters fur rights, and poetical scribblers:

Maist o` a` its oor folk we hae gifted
tae the nooks and the crannies o` Earth.
Aye, we`ve taken, but maybe enlightened
wae smeddum, perseverance and faith.
Time tae revive that invincible nouse
wae a richt good will and fire in the blood.
For a` whae cry Scotland their hame,
hud forth in this nations` rebirth..

Lyn Livingston


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