White Rose Day #3 Alyn Smith

When I was first elected back in 2004, in what now feels like a parallel universe, the SNP were in every sense the opposition and oppositionist. We’ve come a long way but the Yes movement still has to navigate our diversity and ensure it is a strength and not a weakness. I learned and it was a long time learning, that you get a lot more done if you focus on what unitesrather than what divides.

The EU referendum aftermath highlighted the “Team Scotland” mentality of Scotland’s MEPs as the majority of us banded together to work for the good of our country. David Martin and Catherine Stihler have been two exemplary MEPs for Scotland. We have put on a united from in Europe andin the UK and it has a been noted in Brussels. But that has not been enough.

Our expected departure from the EU is nothing less than a self inflicted disaster. If Scotland is removed from the family of nations against our will, against our clearly democratically expressed view, independence will be our only way route back.

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