White Rose Day #4 Colin Beattie

Thank you for the opportunity to say a few words. The tragedy of Brexit is only delayed and seems inevitable – if at a later date than expected. Any delay is welcome but for Scotland the only real option is to stay in the EU. In 2014 leaving the EU was used as a bogey man to frighten us into voting to stay in the UK. Now, against the sovereign democratic will of the Scottish people, we are being wrenched out of the EU on the coat tails of London. The EU is not just about trade and tariffs. Just as important the Europe defines who we are and where we stand. I am unashamedly European. We all are. Scotland wants to be part of the world not part of an isolationist Little England struggling to make sense of their identity. If Scotland is taken out of Europe then I expect and demand a referendum on Scottish Independence – which we will win – followed by a return to the EU where we can take our rightful place with the other European nations.

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