White Rose Day #6 Press release”

A group of around 40 local people assembled at the old Musselburgh Tolbooth and, lead by a piper, walked the short distance to the banks of the River Esk nearby and assembled beneath the two trees planted in 1993 by the local French and Italian twinning associations to commemorate Scotland’s entry into the single market in 1993.  Messages of support provided by Colin Beattie MSP and MEPs David Martin and Alyn Smith were read out. East Lothian provost, John McMillan provided a short address highlighting Scotland’s long and historic connections with our European neighbours. Other speakers highlighted the positive benefits to Scotland of being part of the European family of nations.  The event was streamed live by Gerry Mulvenna from Independence Live. Liles were laid at the commemorative plaques by the chair of the Musselburgh Twining Association. 

Link to our photos; https://photos.app.goo.gl/dcphhQL376t8nuQo7

Link to the video provided by Indy Live; https://livestream.com/IndependenceLive/white-rose-day-musselburgh/videos/189350139


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