Crowd funding appeal

Several Yes Musselburgh members attended the event arranged by Business for Scotland in January 2020 which saw the launch of “Believe in Scotland”.  This project is very inspiring and in particular the “Scotland the Brief” campaigning materials they have produced which highlight the positives for the Scottish economy that Independence will bring.

The “Scotland the Brief” mini books are invaluable as they set out clearly and simply Scotland’s economic strengths and counter many myths which are relentlessly portrayed by the mainstream media in Scotland and the rest of the UK. We have found these books extremely useful in highlighting to as yet unpersuaded voters the potential benefits of Independence.

We wish to purchase 500 mini books to distribute to people in the Musselburgh area via our street stalls and various campaigning events. The books retail at £3.50 but can be purchased at a much reduced price from Business for Scotland for bulk orders by YES groups. We can then give copies away to anyone in the local area who is undecided or needs answers or reassurance that independence will be better for Scotland.  At the same time, if there are those who are willing to pay a small donation this would enable us to then purchase more books.

Any money raised over £500 will be used for more mini books or other campaigning materials.

More information about Scotland the Brief can be found on the Business for Scotland website:

Scotland the Brief

Click here to support…

Thank you.

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