September indy events – updated

1. Business for Scotland
 online conference from Friday 25th – Sunday 27th September. We want to send a number of representatives from Yes Musselburgh. It doesn’t have to be the same person for the whole event so people could volunteer to attend a session for us and be prepared to take notes to feedback to our group. If anyone fancies provisionally attending please let me know.

2.Plans for our street stalls
a) Given it will be 6 years since the Indyref we plan to have a table stall in Musselburgh High St beside Greggs on Sat 19th Sept 11-1. Again we have volunteers but please pop along if you are in the area. We have a big supply of the Scotland the Brief mini books and will put out a few other items as well. Obviously if there are any new restrictions put in place regarding Covid affecting the safety of the stalls, or it the weather is wet, we will postpone and let you know.

3. Flag-Flying day. To mark the anniversary of the Indyref on Fri 18th Sept we will be flying flags on the bridge over the Bypass at Old Craighall. We intend doing this from 3-5pm approx when the traffic is busy. So please feel free to come along. We have several flags on poles but bring your own if you prefer. To access the bridge from Musselburgh, go up Monktonhall Rd, (B6415) till you reach the 2nd mini roundabout. Rather than going left towards the bypass and Travel Lodge, go straight on over the mini roundabout and into Old Craighall. Take the first road on the left just as you come into Old Craighall. There’s new houses called Abbey Gardens. Go along the road till it crosses above the bypass. It’s a quiet road so parking at one side should be ok and there’s room to turn at the end before the road reaches a gate into estate of Dalkeith Country Park.

4. Agenda items for next Yes Edin & Lothians meeting. We don’t have a date yet but let me know if you have any items we can add to agenda.

5. Edinburgh North & Leith Commonweal online Event on 17th Sept from 8pm with Darren McGarvey. Register here

6. Volunteers required for making video clips. We are still thinking of making short video clips for using on social media to promote positive messages re Independence. We need some volunteers to maybe form a wee group of folk to take this on so if you are interested please let me know. We’d like to be able to target messages at different groups – young folk, pensioners, businesses, New Scots from different countries etc. Clacks Women for Indy had some good ideas about these sort of things so here is the link again to their podcast about it in case you missed it last time I posted it

Our next Yes Musselburgh Zoom Meeting is on 28th Sept at 7.30pm. Joining details to follow.

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