The Big Indy Day of Action 18th Sept 2021 – We need your help

Gordon Mcintyre-Kemp of Believe in Scotland has confirmed that the planned National Indy Day of Action will be Sat 18th Sept 2021 (Anniversary of the 2014 Referendum). This will be a collaboration between Believe in Scotland, the National Yes Network, the Scottish Independence Foundation and The National newspaper. The plan is to get the grassroots Yes movement fired up and ready for a referendum. Many Yes groups have been dormant recently but are getting going again. The idea is to make an independence impact as visible as possible and it’s an opportunity for all supporters of Independence to take part in whatever way they can.

We have signed up Yes Musselburgh as a participating partner in the day of action and have been making plans for the day. We will get support from Believe in Scotland with a supply of leaflets and other materials. They are also offering training events for making best use of our social media and help with how to get local press interest with our campaign. The Yes movement needs to unite and Gordon hopes by having this day of action we can lead by example. So far 55 Yes groups are signed up, with many more expressing interest.

Yes Musselburgh would like to have 3 street stalls, hopefully running from 10-4. These will be in Musselburgh High St (Gazebo stall), Fisherrow Harbour (Trolley stall) and Portobello (either the High St or at the Prom- TBC, small table stall)

We will obviously need lots of volunteers to cover all these sites and enable people to just do as long as they feel comfortable with. We need 4 tall people for putting up and dismantling the gazebo and a big car. We need the car to be available to come back should we encounter any resistance and have to take the stall down ( hopefully not!)

We will also do some leafletting runs (possibly collect runs from the stalls, or we can arrange to drop off leaflets to you, once we have them ready). This is likely to be leaflets highlighting issues around Pensions and we are likely to receive them from Believe in Scotland about a week prior to the 18th.

We’re hoping we can use Arthur’s trailer with A Boards, driving around locally too.

We’d also like to have a foodbank collection on the day (and in the week running up to the 18th)

We thought about having some folks doing flag-waving from the Bypass bridge but feel it’s more useful if we’re out on the streets talking to people and getting the message over. The big theme for the day will focus on Pensions.

Please, can all our members have a think about whether you can help on the day and what you’d be able to do?  Once the stalls are up we need at least 4 helpers at a time at the gazebo stall and 2-3 people at the smaller stalls. Please email us with what times you might be able to do and whether you want to help at a stall or with leafletting (or both!)

This is going to take quite a bit of organising and coordinating so please let us know as soon as possible. Members can expect to be getting more emails/texts than usual over the next few weeks as we pull this together.

We’re also open to more ideas, so feel free to share them and if you can come to the next Zoom meeting on 30th Aug we can discuss things there. We will also update you with more plans from Believe in Scotland for the day of action. We may decide to have an extra Zoom meeting closer to the 18th as well if we feel it’s needed. We will send the joining details for our meetings to members nearer to the dates.

We really hope many members will be able to help on the day. It’s important to show that we are ready for a referendum so let’s make a big impact across the country on the 18th.

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