Day of Action

To all YE&L groups taking part in the day of action on 18 9 21
day of action
The NYN/BiS day of action is 3 days away and there is a palpable
buzz among the Lothian groups taking part on Saturday. We are
part of a national day where more than 120 groups from Orkney,
Caithness to Dumfries and Galloway are taking part in a
coordinated event linked through us all by the determined desire to
further the mutual cause of Scotlands independence
All the groups taking part have received, not one but four boxes,
of merchandise and new leaflets produced and launched for this
occasion by Believe in Scotland. As well as the superb
supplement produced by the National full of information for
distribution as well. A supplement which will be included in
Saturdays edition as well, and you have copies to use on your
stalls or to deliver through letter boxes.
Most groups from Dunbar to Linlithgow are involved in doing
stuff. Mainly street stalls, where Musselburgh will be holding 3.
In the Toun, Portobello and Tranent. West Lothian are turning
the famous “bings” blue and white with the saltires. Yes
Haddington and District have a plan for the Hopeton Monument,
to try and link up visually with another of the same across in Fife.
In Edinburgh there will be a stall in Stockbridge with Edinburgh
West, and Pentlands are holding a stall at Wester Hailes Plaza in
the morning. In the afternoon they are organising a car-a-thon
and inviting as many as can from all Lothians to take part with
cars decked out with Yes information and flags and invention.
Then out into as wide an area as possible to tell everone the Yes

movement is up and ready to take the message for indepencence
far and wide. Still time to join in, details from Yes Pentlands.
Yes4EU are at Holyrood in the afternoon, after being at the
Meadows with Morningside and Marchmont in the morning,
playing their part in the day. Edinburgh Pensioners will be at
Bruntsfield at their regular spot for thr first time in over a year.
Plenty for any of us wishing to take part, even for a short time, to
choose from, wherever you are.
Phantom Power and Indy Live want us all to record what we are
doing with images and movie clips and gifs of what we do on
saturday. Try and capture the fun and enthusiasim of the day in
laughs, not laughs or anything you wish. Send to both of them
and they will put together what the day means as only they know
To the YE&L groups and individuals taking part in the effort on
this important date, I hope everyone has a really good day
whatever you are doing as part of this biggest coordinated
grassroots independence day.
Those last two words are so important and will be even more so
soon, when they will apply to Scotland.
Take care and have a great day.


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