From Yes for EU, events.

Dear Supporters,

I hope you have been enjoying the holiday weekend.

The news coming out of the SNP in the last week or so has been grim, it has to be said. Where do we stand now, in our Yes for EU campaigning? Our core purpose is unchanged, of course. Not so long ago, in the midst of the SNP leadership contest, candidates were being bombarded, rightly, with demands that they work closely with the wider Yes movement if elected as leader. All seemed to realise how important this is, and that such cooperation has been inadequate in recent times. Now, with the SNP in an undeniably ‘vulnerable’ state, it is becoming clear that a strong grassroots Yes movement is needed more than ever.

Time to keep calm and carry on! We have several upcoming actions to get our teeth into – and we really need your help!! Please sign up for anything and everything that you can manage.

Next stall is this coming Sunday 16th April, 11am-1pm at Stockbridge market, Edinburgh EH3 6TQ

Please sign up to help on the stall!

NEW – weekday lunchtime action! Tuesday 18th April, 12-1pm. Protest outside the UK government building in the Old Town, Edinburgh EH8 8FT. The UK government is blocking democracy. It has rejected every possible democratic route to independence. We will call them out! Bring your flags, and we’ll provide placards. Please come along if you can!

We have often held weekday lunchtime actions in the past, either at the UK govt building, protesting at UK govt actions, or at Holyrood, usually supporting pro-indy/pro-EU actions by the Parliament. We stay no more than an hour, sometimes less, and a main aim is to obtain photos, showing our key messages on placards. We share these on social media and sometimes they get picked up by mainstream media. It’s low-key but can be effective.

Sign up at the link above!

Not long now till Europe Day, Tuesday 9th May! We have TWO events:

Lunchtime stall and picnic at the Mound Precinct, next to the Galleries, EH1 1YZ. 12-2pm.

This will be a positive, celebratory event marking the 73rd anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, which was a means of securing peace in Europe through trade and industry links, and ultimately led to the formation of the EU. Please come along to help on the stall if you possibly can! We’ll encourage folk to bring a picnic/ packed lunch. It will be a welcome change after days of wall-to-wall coronation media orgy.

Sign up at the link above!

Evening webinar 5.30pm – our speaker is Dr Philippa Whitford MP, SNP Spokesperson for Scotland. The topic will be on Scotland and Europe – the future. Details and registration coming soon. Meanwhile, sign up at the link above!

We’re conscious that all our in-person actions are still in Edinburgh – apologies to our members outwith Edinburgh/Lothians; we hope to branch out to other parts of Scotland at some point.

Finally – save the date! Yes for EU 2023 AGM will be held on Wednesday 7th June. Details to follow!

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