Image resources from Believe in Scotland

Believe in Scotland is today launching our new image gallery to help online activists campaign for independence.We have three galleries, each has a different format of image. One for printing off as posters and banners, another for sharing on social media and a social media profile header gallery. All of our billboard images from our … Continue reading Image resources from Believe in Scotland

Marc Weller’s view (Scotsman, 26.01.21)

Could Scotland stage a vote on independence without the UK’s approval?Scotland can only achieve its goal of independence if it is seen to have gone through an entirely consensual process of self-determination, writes Marc Weller (Scotsman, 26.01.21). Can Scotland force a referendum on independence against the wishes of Downing Street?Westminster asserts that under the Scotland … Continue reading Marc Weller’s view (Scotsman, 26.01.21)

Now Scotland launched The new grassroots campaign for Scottish independence​ About NOW SCOTLAND Now Scotland evolved out of two of mass online events held in November 2020 organised by members of the All Under One Banner team on the future of independence campaigning. Over 1200 people attended and were in support of establishing a mass … Continue reading Now Scotland launched