Crowd funding appeal

Several Yes Musselburgh members attended the event arranged by Business for Scotland in January 2020 which saw the launch of “Believe in Scotland”.  This project is very inspiring and in particular the “Scotland the Brief” campaigning materials they have produced which highlight the positives for the Scottish economy that Independence will bring. The “Scotland the … Continue reading Crowd funding appeal

Scottish Reserve Bank

Thanks to everyone who attended last night's presentation on a Scottish currency & the functionality of a reserve bank. Dr Tim Rideout provided a concise and straightforward insight into how an independent Scotland can set up this vital institution and necessary government department using international standards to ensure the stability & acceptance of our currency … Continue reading Scottish Reserve Bank

Brexit. Not in Scotland’s name

FRIDAY 31st JANUARY 2020 - A DAY OF TRAGEDY AND FARCE Scotland’s forced removal from the EU guarantees a loss of employment, prosperity and many personal freedoms which European Citizenship confers. Westminster will centralise key devolved powers for seven years whilst the humiliation of EU nationals looks to be indefinite. With exclusion from EU inter-state … Continue reading Brexit. Not in Scotland’s name