Brexit. Not in Scotland’s name

Scotland’s forced removal from the EU guarantees a loss of
employment, prosperity and many personal freedoms which
European Citizenship confers. Westminster will centralise key
devolved powers for seven years whilst the humiliation of EU
nationals looks to be indefinite.
With exclusion from EU inter-state security cooperation terrorist
threats are predicted to rise. Who knew? Finally, the primary
reason for the EU’s creation begins to unravel: alliances for lasting
peace. We have reasons to be mournful.
By contrast BoJo the clever clown plans a happy, hyperactive party
of jingoistic speeches, bong, bonging, fireworks and a laser light
show, with cathedral bells. And how will Trump, super power
Presidents, digital empire CEOs, arms dealers and global financiers
view this grotesque spectacle? With a smile.
Anyone wishing to mark the day differently is invited to wear funeral
dress and gather outside the Scottish Parliament this Friday 31st. between 11 and 12 noon. Standing in silence beside a ‘grave
stone’ inscribed ‘BREXIT – Not in Scotland’s Name’ we will signify
our resolute defiance to a watching world.
Fraser McAllister, Musselburgh

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